Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fashion Trend Predictions Spring 2012

I did a similar post to this last year and it is still to this very day my most read post ever! I decided to do it again this year :) How I do my research for this is re watch all of the runway shows that you can still find posted on many fashion magazine websites, I also go through various high end and more moderately priced store websites and see what their new collections consist of, I blend those together, pick a few out and present them here to you guys! Granted, this post would be entirely too long if I posted on each and every single trend prediction, I chose 4 or 5 that I could show you real life examples of :) Enjoy!

1. Pastels:  When I look at the collage I made above, I think of every color that was ever in my Easter basket as a kid, and that's actually absolutely right! haha Pastels are predicted to be huge this Spring season, and without a doubt I definitely agree.  These colors remind me of Spring anyway so I would probably purchase these colors without even knowing that I am sticking within some "trend". They're easy on the eyes, and remind me of the colors of the beautiful flowers that we see so many of during this season :) Something about pastels (although could definitely be worn by men as well!) adds the perfect touch of femininity to your ensemble.

 2. Hi Low Hemlines: These are often spotted on Selena Gomez on the runway, they have almost become a signature look for her! I really like these, although at first I felt that if I rocked this style, it would look like I couldn't decide whether I was hot or cold haha Fear not, however, this style can be worn not just in skirts, but in dresses and shirts as well! The whole crop top from last Spring and Summer has come back, I never really got into it because I am not one to let my midriff show, but layered as seen above with the purple shirt, you can definitely pull it off and still look classy :)

3. Citrus Colors (Orange and Yellow): Tangerine was a huge color on the runway this season and I do see a few stores stocking up on this coveted color, but not as many as I would have thought! I personally LOVE citrus colors (and I love these fruits too haha) I'm not too sure I would wear a whole array of citrus together for an outfit, but a little pop here and there is sure to scream Spring, in a good way! Check back to my color wheel post, which I will link below, to see exactly how to wear these colors without going too overboard and hey, if you are confident wearing these colors all together, do it, remember confidence is key in fashion!

4. Color Blocking: This seems to be a recurring trend each Spring season.  I wrote on this same exact trend last Spring as well. I definitely like it in moderation.  Something about it reminds me of those 50's girl Halloween costumes that everyone wears when they cant find another costume lol I do, however, really like it how it is worn in the skirt picture above, with a solid top to "line break" so to speak.  The orange and purple dress to the left  is a perfect blend of both warm and cool colors, I love! 

5. Peplum: This is yet another Trend that has repeated itself from last season as well.  This is a classic look, so I feel that it may "always" be in style.  Very reminiscent of something you see worn in those old Hollywood movies :) This is perhaps my favorite trend, it is definitely hard to find the right Peplum piece though being that I am a rather petite woman.  The waistlines never seem to line up with mine and then I end up having my Peplum waistline down toward my bottom instead, not very flattering! lol I am still on the lookout for the perfect Peplum piece because I love how elegant you can make this trend look.

There you have it, the 5 fashion Spring fashion trend predictions that I found to be pretty consistent in my research!

Here is the link to my Fashion Color Wheel post:

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  1. I really love the hi low hemline on skirts! I had a skirt way back in high school that had that kind of hemline. It looks so pretty and flowy =)

  2. Melanie, I'm so excited to start my Spring shopping! These trends are so likable :)

  3. I love, the 'color blocking' great post.

  4. I totally agree with you! Follow me on my fashion blog! Future Fashionista Editor in Chief. I've just started and I would love support of other people too! I love your stuff, I'm going to follow you! ;) xoxo

  5. I will be linking to you a bunch I have a feeling. You do an amazing job!