Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Product Review: Olay Pro X Cleansing System

I purchased this cleansing system at Target for just around $30.00.  Comparatively cheaper than the Clairsonic Mia, which can retail for around $120, I figured this would be a better option for someone who was just looking to try this type of product out for the first time.  

This cleanser is supposed to clean your skin 6 times better than regular cleansing.  It has an exfoliating brush head to get a deep clean and clean out all of that unseen makeup/dirt etc.  The cleanser is water resistant and the cleansing head is replaceable. 

This is what the cleanser looks like, it is battery operated and has an on and off switch on the back.  The starter kit comes with a trial size of the Anti-Aging Pro X Exfoliating Cleanser.  Although you could really use this cleanser with any facial cleaning product that you are already using, I always like to use the one suggested, although probably just a great marketing ploy haha, to get the maximum results.  Having said that I purchased a big one when my little trial one ran out!

Now that we know what this product comes with and what it claims to do, lets get to the bottom line here:


1. I love that I can easily use this in my shower and that it is water resistant, I wash my face most in the shower so this is very convenient!
2. I actually really like the cleanser that it recommends using it with.  It has tiny "exfoliating sands" and doesn't have a strong smell etc. 
3. The brush head is the perfect strength for me, not too rough and not too soft.
4. The price is pretty unbeatable for its comparison products!
5. Last but certainly not least, I love that I genuinely feel like it cleanses my face entirely.  I DO feel like I get a deep clean, and often times, I find that it does get makeup off that not even my makeup remover did!


1. Head is smaller than lets say the Clairsonic Mia (this didn't bother me because I actually like this, but may bother some of you)
2. Over time I noticed that on my forehead I had a patch of VERY shiny skin.  This makes me laugh even typing this but honestly it looked like a small patch was "over buffed" and got soo smooth that it was shiny! Please do not mistake this for oily shiny, I had no oil in sight, just shine--very interesting lol Needless to say, I don't stay on that area of my face that long any more because maybe I was over cleansing it haha it seemed to minimize my pores in that area all together! Oh well, at least I know it's doing its job :)

There you have it, my personal unpaid or sponsored review of the Olay Pro X Cleansing System.  I love how inexpensive it is and I really love the results I get.  Give it a try if you can't quite bring yourself to invest over $100 on something like this, it will be well worth it!

Nice clean faces everywhere,



  1. Thanks for this review!! I got my sister in law the $120 one for Christmas (made me cry a little). I will be sure to get this one for me!!! You're the best:)

    <3 Juli

  2. I've been looking for an alternative to the clarisonic (I really don't want to spend 100+ on it) and this sounds perfect! Thanks for the review and it was great to find your blog!