Friday, January 13, 2012

Beauty Blogger Tag!

I haven't done a TAG here on my blog in forever, so I thought one was due.  I found this TAG on Charr's blog, and many others as well.  I remember hers the most so I will link her page here .  I thought it was really fun and being a blogger myself, found it interesting to see what other bloggers wrote! Enjoy and be sure to do this TAG if you are intrigued!

1.What are your favorite type of blog-posts to write?
My Favorite posts to write are those that are personal to me, example: my life through pictures etc.  I also love doing Product Reviews because I feel like those are the most educational for everyone!
2.What are your favorite blogs to read?
In all honesty, if you look at the blogs that I follow most are fashion or beauty related, but as far as everyday reading, I real ALL sorts of blogs. Food, personal, photography, baby, computer, etc. 
3.How did u pick your Blog name?
I chose my blog name because I wanted this blog to be a compilation of everything I loved/cherished.  I love the saying "Cherish Every Moment" because every moment is special in its own way.  I guess I got a bit sentimental, but at the same time, in this blog being that I write on various things that mean something to me in a different way, I thought the name was unique and fitting :)
4. Which beauty blogger is your inspiration? 
I love each beauty blogger that I follow, I think they all offer me something in one way or another.  One that I always communicate with via twitter and I think I have a lot in common with would be Melissa from Life Beyond Base.  You can find her link here !
5.Name one tip you learned through another beauty blogger?
Your layout must be inviting, take quality pictures and blog on things that you, the blogger, would actually find interesting to read!
6.What made you make a blog? 
I have read others blogs for the past 5+ years.  I never ever thought I myself would make a blog, but then one day I decided that I wanted to share some of my thoughts.  I have a journal already, but wanted something a little less personal, but something that would let others into the silly/fun/inspirational/ quirky/educational thoughts in my head :)
7.Do you have a favourite blogpost of yours?
One of my most inspirational blog posts and my favorite would have to be my documentation of my visit to the World Trade Center Memorial.  One of my favorite fun posts to do are my Shop and Tells! :)
8.Name one pro and one con of being a beauty blogger?
A pro about being a blogger of all things beauty would be that you become part of a world where you are surrounded by others who share the same loves as you. Another pro would be that somewhere someone out there is reading your blogs and smiling or thinking "ohhh ok, that's how it works" or "hymm yea I guess I shouldn't waste my money on that"! A con, not that there are really any, would be the amount of time one needs to set aside to really make their blog presentable and well written!
9.What advice would would you give someone dealing with hate?
Smile and move on ;)
10. How long does it take you to write a blogpost?
Depends on how much editing and info I am trying to squeeze into my post, one with lots of pics that have to be edited would take me anywhere from 1-1.5 hours. One with more words, anywhere from 30 mins-45 mins.  I type really fast! :)
11. What other blogs apart from beauty do you like to read ?
I love cooking, baby (I have a nephew and am a nanny), travel, fashion etc. Almost anything!
12.Who have you made friends with through blogging?
I communicate with a handful of girls that I "met" through blogging via twitter.  I consider them my friends for sure! All very sweet :)

13. How do you get the ideas for blogposts?
This is going to sound silly but 99% of the time, any blog posts that I write come into my head while I am in the shower, driving or lying in bed at night haha It is when I am not really clouding my head with many tasks that all of the sudden a really good idea for a post comes about.  That and shopping and being out and about!

14. Who do you tag ?
I TAG any and everyone who is reading this! Even if you don't normally do TAGS, sometimes ones like this are super fun!
I hope you all found this TAG to be fun to read and insightful! I had a lot of fun thinking about these answers myself :)

I TAG you and you and yes YOU!, 


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