Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mini Shop and Tell: MUFE, UD, Revlon and NYX!

I picked up this stuff from Ulta and Sephora a few weeks ago.  3 of them are lip products, and one is a cream blush :) I'm still getting the hang of using my new camera and I have realized that for swatch purposes I definitely need to either use my regular Canon Point and Shoot or get a tripod! It is near impossible to take a photo and manually focus (which is my favorite ) with only one hand haha Ok lets get started!

Make Up Forever HD Blush in #4. 

*Love this so far, very bubblegum pink and a little but DEFINITELY goes a VERY long way. I learned this the hard way in the beginning haha Needless to say, I love that because it means I will be getting tons of long use out of this!

Swatch of MUF Blush #4

Revlon Lip Butter in Cotton Candy

* When I went to Target, this is the only color that they had left so I had to choose this one.  I actually like it a lot, although it is very sheer, and more of a cotton candy glaze.  I throw this on over a lot of more matte formula pink undertone lipsticks for the perfect "icing" on the look!

Swatch of Revlon Lip Butter Cotton Candy

NYX Lipliner Pencil in Pale Pink #854

* This lip liner goes well with my Revlon Lipstick in Pink Pout, it is almost the exact same color except in a lip liner formulation haha I didn't have one like this so this purchase was justified....aren't they all though? ;)

Swatch of NYX Lipliner in Pale Pink

Urban Decay 24/7 Lip Liner in Naked
*This lipliner, although a bit more on the pricey side for a lipliner, is SO worth it! I have yet to find a lipliner in this perfect natural shade that is so creamy and long lasting.  Now just to find a sharpener that won't make it look all chewed up as the cap seems to have done to the tip of it! haha hymm....

Swatch of UD Lipliner in Naked

This was a pretty unplanned shopping trip so I didn't have that much on my wish list at that moment.  Hope you enjoyed :)

Swatches and Love,



  1. Love the blush I'm quickly becoming more and more addicted to MUFE! I know what you mean about the swatches my Nikon is too heavy to hold up with only one hand lol

    1. Tell me about it! It's almost impossible to hold it without fear of it dropping! Haha :)

  2. I love makeup forever but i was always nervous to try the liquid blush! you make it sound goood though and i love when blush looks really intense so i think i'll definitely give that a try! - did you use a brush or a sponge or your fingers to apply it?

    1. Hey Victoria, I know it can be very intimidating at first! Especially in the color I got..yiikes! Haha What I do (although this sounds crazy) is I get something to put a tiny tiny squirt of it on, then with my stippling brush I go in circular motions to get it evenly on the brush then pat it lightly on my face. Sometimes I end up smoothing it out at the end with my fingers lol the application took time for me to get it down, but with my crazy method it works out just fine! :) good luck.

  3. Oooh! The blush looks like it could be fabulous! Hmmmm maybe I need to give it a try ;)

  4. I love that everything is pretty much pink! :)
    The blush looks interesting. I've never seen a blush with a pump before. And It looks really pigmented . very nice!
    -Hayley xx

  5. Ouuuh I love this blush!!!

    By the way, we gave you the Versatile blogger Award!

    Sabrina & Geneviève