Monday, June 13, 2011

A New Favorite!

My Nails with Essie's Mob Squad

This weekend has been super hectic as I have been cramming in all sorts of last minute things to prepare for a Bridal Shower, but in between that, I managed to get a manicure and pedicure with the most amazing perfect bubblegum pink color! I find myself having a hard time choosing a color when at the nail salon, I feel like over the years I must have surely tried them all, but this one stood out to me. In the summer I only get pinks, nudes and orange colors on my nails, occasionally a red MAYBE, but I love to keep the colors very floraly. I am one of those gals who will always remember if shes gotten the nail polish before by the name, and when I saw this one was named "Mob Squad", I knew I had never tried this before! I laughed a little at the name at first and then took a chance and got it. I must say, without hesitation, this is the most beautiful pink color. I got a few compliments from other customers before even leaving the salon, it just stands out that much! Its not electric, or pale, its perfectly in between and now when I think of Pink nail polish, this is going to pop into my head because it is the PERFECT pink color, still maintaining a classy elegant look on your nail.

This is for sure going to be a color I purchase for my own collection, I love it that much :) I definitely suggest trying this out at your nail salon, and hopefully you will see what I mean. This polish gets a 2 thumbs (and all of my other fingers and toes too!) up rating from me!

Pretty in Pink,


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