Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ahoy Mate Fashion!

The Nautical Look in fashion has come full circle many times. No matter the time of year, there is something so tasteful about stripes, rope, anchor necklaces and gold detail! Above are a few examples of what exactly I am speaking of when I say Nautical or "sailor". I love this look for many reasons, one, because I feel that no matter your budget, this can be easily achieved with just a piece or two, and two, I think it is timeless. For decades celebrities have been flaunting these sailor inspired looks on the red carpet, fashion runways and in everyday life.  I love the way red and blue contrast one another. If you read my previous color wheel post, you will understand the rule of why red and blue go so well together :)

Stripes are another staple when trying to rock this look. They are going to want to be worn to compliment your body's needs. Ex: If you have a smaller bust, wear a striped top to add the illusion of a little more curve up top, and if you have larger hips, stay away from throwing any stripes down below as it can have a tendency to make your body look wider.

Rope detailing, whether it be on the bottom of your wedge sandal, a rope belt as pictured above or a rope necklace, rope is very reminiscent of something you would find on a ship (after all we are going for a sailor inspired look right?!)

Gold detailing in jewelry or buttons on clothing for a more vintage classic Nautical look are the perfect ways to accessorize in trend! Think chunky gold rope chains maybe? Or perhaps an anchor necklace or bracelet? These will tie the whole ensemble together elegantly.

Cheryl Cole, Claudia Shiffer, Paris Hilton, Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, Eva Longoria ---all sporting the nautical trend in their own unique ways!
I particularly love how Eva Longoria added a little of the sailor trend into her red carpet look by simply wearing white shorts and a white and blue striped top. This kept it simple, in trend, yet modern. I love how she paired some nude pumps with this which not only elongate her legs (she's a shorty like myself! haha) but also let the focus remain on her top and those stripes! 

Below is an inexpensive alternative to the outfit Eva wore above: 

This look, although not completely identical, it is definitely a more budget friendly very similar version to achieve the same look! Eva's entire wardrobe came to almost $1000! This Forever 21 take on the same outfit came to only $53.40! 

I will leave you with this classic Audrey Hepburn photo that should give you some insight into how long ago celebrities and fashion icons began wearing Sailor Inspired/ Nautical Fashions:

I hope this photo filled blog post gave you guys some insight on how to spruce up your wardrobe in a fun inexpensive way. Summer time is a great time for you to wear this look! 

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  1. Haha cute! I'd wear these but it'll just remind my husband of work (the navy) so he probably wouldn't like it. lol.