Monday, July 15, 2013

Highlights From Days 3 & 4 Of My Vacation: Las Vegas/Calico

We took the drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas yesterday. It was about 4 hours and the scenery was so beautiful! Driving through the desert was something I have never experienced before and I thoroughly enjoyed really soaking in the view. I took so many photos :) Once we arrived in Las Vegas at our hotel (The Cosmopolitan--Great Hotel!) we explored the strip, ate at Gordon Ramsay's BURGR restaurant in Planet Hollywood and ended the evening with some gambling and night time photography.
On our drive back from Vegas, today, we stopped at a mid-way point to break up the monotonous 4 hour desert drive. This mid-way point was Calico Ghost Town. I recommend stopping by here to anyone doing this drive. It was really cool and the scenery was breathtaking yet again! It was an old mining town that became abandoned when the value of silver depreciated long ago. Very interesting and informative. It was 109 degrees in the desert today with a real feel of way over 110 degrees F. We almost melted, but it was very worth it :)

I love these photos--how could you not enjoy the mountains and desert--gorgeous. 

This sums up how I spent my last two days--I was up late last night so didn't get a chance to post, hint as to why I combined two days in one :) Tomorrow we are off to Huntington Beach for some famous fish tacos and fun :)
Deserts and Mountains, 



  1. Love the pictures in the middle of the road! how did you take them?

    1. Hey Ana, it was a road called "Ghost Town Rd."--it was an exit off of the highway, and the road that led us up to Calico's Ghost Town. For this reason, it had practically no cars on the road at the same time lol I took full advantage of this--always wanted photos in the middle of the road like this! =D