Friday, July 19, 2013

Highlights From Day 7 Of My Vacation: Santa Monica/Malibu/Venice Beach

This morning we had a reservation with the Paramount Studios for a tour--money very well spent! It could have been that our tour guide was very reminiscent of Melissa McCarthy, but that's besides the point lol We got to see sets of currently shooting shows, sound stages, famous buildings and places that some of our favorite shows were shot. Lady Gaga was also apparently there shooting a music video! There is so much history behind Paramount Pictures---I felt like I had a history lesson and a tour all wrapped in one :) Overall, I really enjoyed this tour and would highly recommend it. In the photo above I am making a wish while "holding the famous Bronson gate"--this is a tradition and apparently your wishes come true! Let's see... :)
Next up was a trip to Venice Beach. I always hear how eclectic and interesting Venice Beach is so I was excited to see what it was all about. If I could sum up Venice Beach in one word I would say interesting haha It is a place filled with hippies, skaters, canibus shops galore, artists and beach cruisers. On the other hand I also realized how many homeless people there are here--the most I have ever seen in all of the locations I've been to in California. It saddened me because I think--what is their story and why are so many in such a concentrated area? I guess that exists everywhere but it just made me sad :( Not pictured were all the street performers, the skate park (so cool!) and Muscle Beach, the outdoor gym area that is often featured in movies :)
Driving down the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) is so stunning! We drove from Malibu and then back to Santa Monica on the way back. Malibu was filled with cool things like beaches, ginormous homes, fancy ocean front eateries and the most awesome in my opinion, horses on farms! Malibu seemed to be a little of everything--the perfect town :) In Santa Monica we visited the Santa Monica Pier where we saw the rides and famous Ferris wheel--I also snacked on some ice cream like a child (2 scoops for me!) and really enjoyed the panoramic views =D  

Tomorrow is our last full day here---we are going to head out for some shopping. The mister has been jotting down all the shops we want to return to. 

Sad to be leaving soon :( , 


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