Sunday, July 14, 2013

Highlights From California Day 2: San Diego

Day two, we headed on down to San Diego to visit a friend of the boys. A two hour TRAFFIC FREE drive later, we arrived. This is what we accomplished---not mentioned is the fact that we ran over a HUGE rolled up piece of carpeting on the highway--yep we were two wheeling it for about 1.5 seconds, Lord take the wheel for the rest of the time here! Apparently in California, littering household items (we also spotted mattresses!) on the highway is really not a problem haha my goodness...anyway onto the post :)

Visiting the Naval Base --the ships were huge!--you know it's only right I listen to my favorite--Kendrick Lamar, while in Cali ;)
Next stop, San Diego Zoo--I have been dying to come here since they just opened the "Australian Outback" last month. You know what that means, they have KOALAS!!!! I was truly in heaven--love my koala babies <3
Visited Pacific Beach---the surfers we East Coast folks see on television--yep they are allll here lol amongst other places I'm sure. Check out that awesome sand castle display a man made, I was in awe! The view off the pier, not to mention the incredible breeze, was INCREDIBLE. Ahhhh I want to go back now.
Finally, after a long day, we ended up at Lucho Libre for dinner. This authentic Mexican taco spot was featured on Man vs. Food. It was absolutely amazing--my mouth is watering as I type this. If you are ever in the San Diego area, you must visit!

We also, visited the Stone Brewery Company--but took no photos. It's safe to say that we conquered pretty much all of San Diego. I was driving home (Los Angeles) at around 12am last night and everyone was SO tired, the yawns were nonstop. Glad to be home safe :)
Off to Vegas as we speak, 


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