Thursday, February 7, 2013

L'Oreal Youth Code BB Cream Product Review

I never really took part of the BB Cream hype. I never needed anything like these claim to be so I never felt it necessary to purchase one. I did, however, decide to go out on a limb and pick this one up at my local Target. Although the words "Youth Code" may suggest it was for more mature skin, I actually like anti-aging skin products anyway so I thought what the heck.  Keep in mind I never ever use foundation and I rarely use anything more than moisturizer on my skin beside an occasional tinted moisturizer on a special occasion. In my case I am practicing the "if it's not broken don't fix it" motto ;)

Here is what it markets itself to accomplish:
  • "Experience 5 complexion-perfecting benefits in a single step. Youth Code™ BB Cream Illuminator instantly evens, illuminates, perfects, moisturizes, and protects skin. In one week, tone and texture are improved and skin is healthier looking. Contains Broad Spectrum SPF 15. Available in 2 shades."
Here are the photos of my before and after with absolutely no makeup on--this is what I like to call the "brave girls photo" because you have to be pretty brave to "brave" it out on the internet with no filters and no makeup nowadays! hahah


I tried to illustrate with those fancy little arrows various discolorations or marks I had on my face---I am blessed with pretty decent skin so there isn't much contrast that you will notice right away but I pointed them out if you want to take a closer look.  

My Final Review: 

  • For someone who doesn't rely on needing a lot of coverage and someone who will only be using this on special occasions to even out my sometimes uneven skin tone, I think this is great. I have used it 5-6 times and have experienced no breakouts or excessive oiliness.  The shine you see on my face above is the result of my Olay Pro-X facial cleansing brush--that thing literally buffs my skin shiny! haahaha 
  • I have worn this for a full day (7 hours +) and it did not leave me oily like I was expecting as I did not set it with anything the first time to really get a feel of how I felt about its staying power.  
  • The fragrance is something that I don't mind, but it is pretty strong for a product of its kind--I think it smells nice but don't expect it to go away within a few minutes. 
  • I like that it evened out my skin-tone without making me look like I spread flesh toned spackle on my face-this is a plus!
  • I cannot attest to its anti-aging properties but I can attest to the fact that I am someone who right after the shower, my face feels like it is going to crack from how dry it is! My skin doesn't flake with dryness, it just gets super tight! This did a wonderful job at making my skin supple and moisturized. 
  • It states illuminator on the packaging and it certainly leaves a glow to your skin, nothing shiny or disco ball like just something similar to what my Origins VitaZing does--if you have it then you know what I mean, not a bad thing at all! 
  • There are only 2 shades available and at first I thought the medium shade was just too off from my natural shade but it settled in on my skin beautifully after a few minutes. This is a bummer for those who don't fall into these two shades though--c'mon L'Oreal, step it up!
I am so happy that my first experience with a BB cream was a pretty successful one. In my opinion this is just a tinted moisturizer....don't see much of a difference in what is actually offers. I will probably have to try a Western BB Cream if I am looking to explore correcting and evening out skin tone in the long run should I ever need it.  

If you have tried this one, what are your thoughts on it?

To us all not aging..well our skin anyway,


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