Wednesday, February 20, 2013

50 Random Facts About Me TAG

 This TAG was going around on twitter and I thought it would be an excellent way to get to know me a bit more. You guys only get to read my posts but most if not all of you have no idea who the girl behind the words is---this is an interesting way of gaining insight into who Alysea is outside of the reviews, hauls, recipes and DIY's :) Enjoy!

1. I can eat pasta for breakfast
2. I like cold pizza (almost better than warm!)
3. I am always cold---ALWAYS
4. I talk to my dog as if she were human---isn't she though? :)
5. On the note of dogs, I actually speak in a secret language to her that only we understand--my  boyfriend makes fun of me for it! haha
6. I hate scary movies, I am home alone way too often for that--can we say scarrrdyyy pants? haha
7. I like pickles with salt and vinegar chips---don't judge me until you try it!
8. I dream of moving to London one day--or at least having a nice extended stay there soon.

9. My bedroom color scheme is black, white and purple.
10. I have a deep interest in everything Kennedy-Jackie O' is my idol--I have a mini shrine to her in my bedroom with things I gathered after visiting the JFK Museum in Boston :)
11. I have a section in the notes of my phone dedicated to baby names so I don't forget the ones I like.
12. I really like hello kitty because I just think she's so cute!
13. I only have 3 songs on my ipod---I never listen to any music off my ipod--unbelievable right? 
14. I have had 4 majors in my college career and am finally settled into Psychology.
15. I am going to be a school counselor once I am finished my Masters one day!
16. I adore kids--I wouldn't be a nanny if I didn't <3
17. I have been a nanny for almost 7 years!
18. I love my canon DSLR and yearn to have time to go to PA and take some awesome rustic old barn photos.
19. I have a home in Puerto Rico :)
20. For the next 40 days and hopefully longer, I am only drinking water with lemon for beverage.
21. I love planning events--little details make me happy.
22. I LOVE Special K cereal more than any other, sugary cereals are totally not my thing.
23. I drink 4 green juices a week--I did a post on my recipe not too long ago, look for it ;)
24. I hope to marry my college sweetheart/bestfriend for the past 7 years. Gerard, I love you <3

25. I really like paint by numbers
26. I must make my bed EVERY morning before leaving. An unmade bed really disgusts me.
27. I love outdoor activities--Hiking, camping, kayaking--my favorites!
28. Favorite fragrance is Marc Jacobs Daisy or Lolita Lempika.
29. I have 3 brothers and 1 sister.
30. I have never broken a bone--thank the Lord above!
31. I almost never match when going to bed--I am definitely not one of those perfect matching PJ's gals lol
32. After work my hair goes straight into a "samurai bun" as my boyfriend calls it 99% of the time.
33. I have two beauty marks on my face that are my signature since birth ;)
34. I went to an all girls high school and I absolutely wouldn't change that for a thing.
35. I am working on a trip to Uganda as part of a missionary trip with my boyfriend--I hope to make that happen asap. There then Peru to continue the voyage to help our brothers and sisters of this land.
36. I am Arabic at heart--and through association (My grandpa is Arabic)-I LOVE middle eastern food!!
37. My feet range from size 5.5-6.5 depending on the shoe.
38. I abhor chipped nail polish but I always end up sporting a chipped manicure--my luck lol
39. I created a 120 page cookbook only to have the laptop it was created on crash. I still have it in hopes that it can be recovered one day :(
40. I own a hello kitty refrigerator that I keep in my room at home.
41. White sheets are my new thing--it encourages me to NEVER climb into bed without makeup off and clean fresh body, no matter the hour! No one likes dirty sheets--gross.
42. I haven't been up past 2am in FOREVER! I fall asleep by 12 every night (what a grandma!)
43. I do not drink alcohol (although sometimes I'll grab a drink for a photo prop) for 3 years going strong. No particular reason not to drink--but for me I think...why drink?
44. I have never had any points on my license :)
45. I still have the autograph book I got when I went to Disney World as a child.
46. Drive is one of my favorite movies followed by Apocalypto--as girly as I am right?! haha
47. I refuse to buy an iMAC---I am a total PC gal--I like easy interfaces what can I say I am not willing to learn anything the moment ;)
48. For a girl who isn't into sports, I LOVE hockey. I went to my first game last year and have been to over 10 since. #NJDEVILS!!
49. I am a leo
50. I love blogging and interacting with all of you. It is such a wonderful outlet to share everything I have going on in this fast paced brain of mine lol ..comments, emails, seeing that you have read my posts--makes my heart smile. <3

I tag all of you to do this, if you do, be sure to post your links below so that we can all read each-others posts!

I hope I haven't awked you guys out with my quirky bits ;)



  1. Hi! Love reading random facts. Some things are super similar to mine, lol. I am always cold too. I am a new follower. Would be VERY happy if you would check/follow my blog.
    xoxo Nika

    1. Welcome! Thanks for following, I hope you enjoy my posts. I followed your blog as well :) xox