Saturday, June 9, 2012

DIY: A Wreath To Display Spring/Summer/Fall!

If you have been reading my blog for some time now, then you know that I also made the wreath we use around the holidays. You could say I am somewhat of a wreath lover! haha I always see those pre-made ones in my local craft stores, but that just seems like the easy way out. If you are however, on a time crunch, or maybe your creative juices are just lacking lately, getting one of those pre-made ones may just be exactly what you're looking for. Personally speaking, I like starting from scratch, this way you not only save a little money, but have tons of fun making it just as YOU want it!

I went out on a whim today and stopped by a craft store because I had gotten a 20% off your ENTIRE purchase coupon in my email. After the long cake tasting I did today for another event I am helping coordinate, I figured since this craft store was on my route home, I would stop in and see if they had the sunflowers I was looking for for this particular wreath I had mapped out in my mind. Boy did they have them, and SO much more! I could swear they had just replenished their entire stock of silk florals because let me say, they had so much variety!

I looked around for some inspiration and didn't really see anything comparable to what I was thinking that I wanted to make but I did gather some "data" and figured out that a wreath of the sort that I made could cost you up in the price range of  $55-70! Keep reading below if you would like to see the one that I made for under $35! :)

Here is what you would need if you are thinking about making one of these bad boys:
  • Silk flowers of your liking and some greenery to go in the gaps
  • A grape vine wooden branch wreath like the one in the top side picture above
  • Some wire cutters and scissors
  • A few yards of gardening wire (green) --This is in case you need to secure any stubborn flowers down.  As you may be able to see above, the bottom sunflower was being VERY stubborn and would not bend properly, so I used this gardening wire to secure it the best I could)
  • A device that will allow you to hang your wreath on the door. 
It was hard for just me to take photos of myself doing the actual assembly of this wreath, but in a nut shell you just separate any bunches of flowers into single flowers leaving some stem so that you can easily intertwine them in the branches of the wreath.  You then just maneuver each individual flower in between and underneath the branches of the wreath and secure them with some garden wire if need be.

This wreath was SO simple to make. The worse part was the soreness I now have on my fingertips from tightly working with each branch. This wreath will last me way into the Fall season. I love the colors I chose because they are really suitable to Summer and Fall :)  Let me know if you make your own wreath!

Sore Fingertips,


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