Monday, February 27, 2012

What I Wore: Broadway Show and Dinner in NYC

Firstly, this is the show that I attended, Jersey Boys and let me say I, without a doubt, give it 2 thumbs up.  If I had 3 thumbs (although that would be super weird) I would give it 3 thumbs up haha I absolutely LOVED this show and it did help that I am from Jersey as a lot of this was the history of this group deriving from Jersey.  If you are in NYC and love music, oldies in particular like myself, definitely check this show out, it will not disappoint! I even bought the soundtrack to the show ;)

Onto what I wore:

I didn't bring my good camera because it is just too bulky for travel where you will be doing tons of walking, BUT my boyfriend did snap this shot of me before we left so I thought I would share it with you.  He took it on my iPhone so the quality is just ok, not fabulous lol

Being that this show wasn't just any old show, rather a Broadway show, I decided that wearing jeans and boots would probably just be inappropriate.  If it were a matinee, perhaps, but not for an 8 o'clock Friday evening show.  I always think it's better to be dressed more formal than expected than under-dressed. 

Top: This top is from Zara.  It is a beautiful coral/salmon color and has a neat little neck tie that adds the perfect touch to this otherwise plain blouse.  I wore a cami underneath because well, c'mon, you guys know I always layer a cami under everything haha

Bottom: I chose to wear leggings with this top to really make the color of it pop.  These are from Express.  I love the leggings from Express! They are great quality.

Shoes: I wore these shoes for New Years Eve in my "What I Wore For The Holidays" post. If you would like more in detail pictures of them, check that post out! They are from Nine West and have sequin/sparkles all over them but are still all black so its not glitter overload.  They are pretty high, but can you believe these are my most comfortable heels EVER! I wore these all night, in and out of cabs, walked 8 blocks in NYC which are long blocks with uneven streets and sidewalks, and my feet didn't hurt one bit! These are my new holy grail shoes haha Definitely pick them up if you are looking for stunning comfort with a little pizazz ;) They are called the Mellitta.

Jewelry:  I wore simple diamond studs that looked similar to these:
I am SUPER simple when it comes to jewelry.  I rarely wear anything past studs and MAYBE a statement necklace.

Hair/Makeup: I just used a 1-1/4 in. curling iron to add some texture to my hair.  I recently got a haircut so if my hair looks shorter, that's why! I "trimmed" off almost 3.5 inches :) I feel so great with lighter hair.  For my makeup, I kept it simple and classy as well just using my Naked 1 Palette on my eyes and some subtle winged liner and some color on my cheeks. Again less is sometimes more ladies :)

*On my nails, although there is no way you can see this, I am wearing OPI's Bubble Bath.  I LOVE this color and it is the perfect color to maintain the natural look for your nails.  I love the natural/clean look on nails.

Go see Jersey Boys Now!

Sherri, Sherri Baby,


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