Friday, March 2, 2012

February Favorites-Beauty/Fashion

I haven't done a monthly favorites in a while.  This isn't to say that I haven't had products that I have enjoyed using during the months before this post, just that by doing them every month, I feel like they get boring for me to write about, and I NEVER want to feel bored writing a blog post, so I skipped a few months ;) Needless to say, I am so glad I did because I am so excited to write about these favorites in the month of February!

Let's get right to it:

1. Milani Liquif'Eye Eyeliner in the color 05 Brown

 I love this eyeliner for many reasons.  One, it is a nice dark chocolate brown, a perfect alternative to black, which honestly is a pretty harsh color for everyday use in my opinion.  My favorite brown eyeliner before this was Whiskey by UD, the one that came in the first round of the Naked Palette 1.  When I ran out of that one, I was determined to find another one that came close to the staying power and amazing color, and this is def it! This is definitely one of those eyeliners that when you place it, if you want to smudge it, do it QUICK because it will stay put like no other after about 10 seconds. 

2. Clean & Clear Persa-Gel 10

This is a miracle product for me.  This is a gel that contains 10% benzoyl peroxide which is a powerful agent in fighting off acne.  Now, I know you're wondering--do you have acne? No, I was thankfully blessed with pretty normal skin.  Normal meaning, I do get a breakout here and there on occasion from stress, a non-balanced diet etc, but nothing that is overwhelming.  I have found that the times that I do breakout, it is somewhere on my cheek. Odd enough, after significant research, I read that breakouts on your cheeks are directly attributed to stress! Between working with 3+ children daily, making time to see my boyfriend and his hectic work schedule and trying to get back into school, I feel like I am definitely a "breeding ground" for stress haha  This is definitely a life saver though. Right at the sign of any kind of breakout, you just take a pea size amount (or even less) and dab it on the cleaned area.  I put this on after I wash my face before bed and wake up with almost nothing! It completely dries out the affected area and in two days, what could have been a disaster site, is not a nothing :)

3. Revlon Lipbutters-Creme Brulee and Red Velvet

 These lip butters are the only ones I have aside from the Cotton Candy one I showed in a previous post.  I figured I had a pink so I needed to try a nude and a red now.  I love deeper reds because I feel like they compliment my skin tone much better sometimes. I do have many orange based brighter reds too and love them just as much, but I am glad I went for a deeper red on this one.  Creme Brulee is my FAVORITE lip product of this entire month hands down.  For me, is is the absolute prefect nude color that is so easy to just slap on as I head out the door.  It isn't too orange on me and doesn't make me look "lifeless" either.  The consistency of the lip butters is like a sheer moisturizing lipstick.  Not amazingly moisturizing, but it does the job lol I love them and have been wearing one of the 3 I have almost everyday this month!

4. Aldo Laughead Boots

I searched for these boots for MONTHS! I went on every Aldo website and store only to find them out of stock.  I spotted these one day online and told myself I would come back and order them at a later date only to find that that wasn't possible :( I fell head over heels in love with these boots because of their striking similarity to the Chanel boots I also fell in love with.  Only missing the contrasting brown on the toe area as well, these were head on and were only around 15% of the price! I knew I had to have them.  I finally gave up my search sadly enough until one day I found ONE boot lying around a random Aldo store.  I asked if they could order them for me and they arrived at my house within a week! I was so happy that although what was reflected on the website told me that they were sold out in all sizes (even on Nordstrom website!) that there obviously was more stock in the warehouse then they were willing to let onto ;) These pair perfectly over leggings and skinny jeans :) I wore them literally ALL the time the past two months :)

5. Wet & Wild Bronzer-Goddess

Before you guys laugh at my broken bronzer, just know that when this broke I nearly cried! haha ok maybe not but still, such a sad event that day lol This bronzer was something I bought on a whim one day at Ulta.  It was under $4 and it has turned into one of my favorite bronzers. It doesn't have any noticeable shimmer that is ridiculously disco ball looking and is the perfect color to warm up my face even on my "no makeup days" which are happening more often lately.  Use a very light hand when using this, a little definitely goes a very long way!
6. Laura Mercier Metalic Creme Eye Colour-Rose Gold

haha I don't even know if it is still available at Laura Mercier, although I don't see why it wouldn't be because it is so fabulous! I bought this initially because I wasn't really into wearing a lot of makeup, still aren't.  I recently started using it a lot because I fell back in love with it. It is a rose gold metallic color that is just stunning. I put this all over my eyelid and blend some UD buck in the crease and I am good to go for an amazing natural beauty look in minutes! I am definitely going to try and get more of these babies ;)

What are your favorites from February?



  1. I love the Clean and Clear Persa Gel! I use it whenever a spot pops up and it always does the trick.

  2. I love those Revlon lip butters! I have peach parfait which is another everyday color for school! I have the CVS version of persa gel-10 and it works terrificly! And I'm totally trying the Milani eyeliner! I have Extra-Intense from Loreal which seems kinda the same!(:

  3. I do have similar boots that I got @ Dillards. I hesitated to buy them first, but got them. They are really great. I didn't regret my purchase. I'll be glad for you to check out my blog page: