Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Product Review/Swatches: Viva Glam Nicki


When I first heard about this Viva Glam Campaign I was so excited. Even if you are not a fan of Nicki Minaj's music, you probably know that she is definitely an out there person when it comes to her sense of style. I just knew that the color that would represent her Viva Glam lipstick would be something bright and sassy, and boy was I right!

This lipstick is a mix between corals, bubblegum pinks and sort of a flamingo color, long story short, it is perfect and like nothing else I have yet.  It is a satin finish which I like as well because I find that sometimes the Matte lipsticks are too drying without a gloss etc., with this one, you are pretty good to go with only this.

It has that signature "vanilla" scent as do all MAC lipsticks and most lip products for that matter.  This color called "Viva Glam Nicki" is also VERY pigmented, which again I love.  As soon as this lipstick was finally in my possession I swatched it on my hand and couldn't believe how opaque it was with just one stroke! I then applied it to my lips and it appeared the same as well, a true winner of sorts :)

The Viva Glam Campaign: 

Every cent from the sales of this Lipstick and its partnered Ricky Martin Lip Conditioner go toward Men, Women and Children who have been affected by HIV/AIDS.  For more info visit: MACAIDSFUND.ORG

My Final Thoughts: 

I really love this lipstick. Truth: I am a sucker for buying things that benefit organizations that help others in need, BUT, honest to goodness, I think this color would have for sure intrigued me to purchase it anyway because it really is unlike anything else I have! I think this is a total Spring color and I am so excited to start wearing it soon.  I also love the Ricky Martin Lip Conditioner, I just have way to many of those on "standby" at the moment waiting to be used up so I didn't want to aimlessly just start buying things that I didn't "need" per-say haha I do recommend you check that one out as well though :)

If you don't necessarily like this color or don't think it would work well on you etc., these make great gifts! If you know someone who is pretty makeup/beauty savvy, I am almost sure they would love to add this to their collection, even just as a collectors item.  With every single cent of this purchase going toward providing a better tomorrow for those affected by HIV/AIDS, I don't see how you can really say no!

Wishing you all  a Viva GLAM day,



  1. I love that color! It is just the type of color I want. I'll have to look into this and maybe buy it! thanks for the review and info.


  2. Love it! Love her! Knew that she would be amazing :D