Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hautelook Mini Shop and Tell: Urban Decay

A few weeks ago I placed my very first order on the Hautelook site.  I have always browsed through this site, but never ordered. I am so happy that my first order was Urban Decay products as I absolutely love them!

What is Hautelook? 

Hautelook is basically a website that features "events" daily. These events are different brands or categories of things for purchase.  These companies partner with Hautelook to offer us, the buyer, a special discounted price (my UD purchases were up to 70% off!)

What's the catch?

There is no catch, just that you must become a member (which is helpful because they notify you via email when new events are happening and you can get first "dibs" on your favorite shoes, makeup, clothing, furniture etc.) and everything is first come first serve. Once a product sells out, there is no re-stocking it, so if you see something coming up in the list of events that you may want, be sure to log on at 9am PT (I think this is the time) or somewhere close to that time to assure that what you want will still be available. 

What I love about the site: 

I love the amazing discounts.  Who can resist spending only $35 on products that in store would have cost you almost $90?!  I also love that there are so many events daily, there are about 6 new events added everyday or more and you are still able to search through previous day events that haven't expired yet.

What I don't like so much about this site: 

There really isn't anything I don't like about this site. You aren't obligated to buy anything, there is no fee to become a member etc, you just get to reap the benefits of a great deal at your leisure.  If I had to choose one thing that aggravated me about this site it would have to be shipping. Not the overall process of the shipping, but rather the time you have to wait lol Sure I could pay more for expedited shipping, but I'm trying to get a good deal here people  haha My last shipment from UD took just about 2 weeks to get here, oh well, I'll wait for a great product at a great price :) 

Mini UD Eyeshadow Primers in: Original, Eden, Greed and Sin

Original, Eden, Sin, Greed

Juju, Sin, Delinquent, Rehab, Clash

Delinquent, Clash, Sin, Juju, Rehab

Ink For Eyes in color Zero

At a later date, I may do a more in depth review of these, for now however, here are the swatches :)

** These items are no longer available on the Hautelook website, but are now discounted pretty well on the actual Urban Decay website! :)

Also, here is my personal invite link to join Hautelook:

Remember, it is FREE and you get to look at all the events without ever purchasing anything if you want. You do however get access to some GREAT deals ;)

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  1. Great buys! I passed on this sale this time but I love hautelook!!! I buy too much from that site! =)

    1. Miranda I totally know what you mean! A few days after I ordered a pair of Betsy Johnson shoes from here :) shopping at a great deal is contagious and addicting!