Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Series: My Holiday Decor (funny tree story too) !

Would you look at that, only just about 2 weeks until Christmas time and about a week or so until Hanukkah! Where has the time gone?! Unfortunately, my laptop has contracted a bit of a computer flu and I have been unable to post more regularly---I just got around to using my house computer this morning and wrote this blog up.  I much prefer using my laptop because I had to transfer alllllllll kinds of info to this other computer but that is besides the point, its up! haha This post will show you briefly what I have done to my home this Holiday season to spruce it up with cheer.  I LOVE this season because of the decor, everything is so shiny and glittery and bright :) This year, as you read on my previous post, I went to a tree farm and cut down my own 9.5 ft. tree! What an adventure that was to say the least! My tree was so big and so filled with decorations that it FELL OVER in the middle of the night!! Can you believe that?! Anyway, the pic you are seeing is a more toned down version of how it originally looked, unfortunately I had to either buy a new tree stand, which at the moment wasn't an option because my poor baby was lying on the floor, or take off some of the heavy decorations, so that's what I had to do.  I told my boyfriend that I wanted my tree to look like Santa himself  "threw up" on it haha gross I know. Lets get started!

SUPER EASY Holiday Wreath:

1. Clip on Poinsettia (pic of what that looks like below)
2. Festive Holiday Ribbon (spend a little more on this if you need to for better quality, it makes a huge difference!)
3. Gold pine-cones with long stem (this allows them to be held more secure when making the wreath, photo below)

This is what the clip looks like on the bottom of the poinsettia flower heads that you can buy. Makes them super easy to just throw on anywhere!

My "toned" down tree (still absolutely gorgeous!) :

1. Long stem Velvet Poinsettias with glitter (photo below)
2. Gold Locust Glitter Spray (photo below)

*other than those two things listed above, I just put lights and TONS of red and gold Christmas ornaments from Target/Pier 1.

Decorative Garland for Stairs:

1. Bows that my boyfriend's mama made from Ribbon that I bought :)
2. Pre-lit Holiday garland bought from Target years ago.
3. Poinsettia plant (real) --I have three or four of these strategically placed all over my house, the vibrant red color is so beautiful!


My boyfriend's Tree!! Blue and Silver color scheme :)

His matching wreath--handmade as well using just some blue and silver Christmas ornaments, silver decorative ribbon and a wreath!

**I love taking the time to decorate for the Holidays, it genuinely makes me happy to flip the switch at the end and see my whole home light up with Christmas goodness.  Although this post was late, hopefully if you are having family/friends over for the holidays, you can get some last minute inspiration.  It doesn't take a lot of money, just a lot of heart and inspiration to make your guests think you're a pro ;)

Sending you all Holiday cheer and love,


**if you have posts on your holiday decor or a link where I can see your decor, please link it below, I love seeing things like that :)


  1. i love decorating for the holidays too!! & your right about flipping the switch I'm glad it gets dark early just because I can turn all of my xmas decor lights on :) xoxo

  2. i love xmas best time of the year my baby cant wait for the night all day long so she can see the lights. i found u on beautylish im following u check out my blog please

  3. You're so creative! That's why I nominated you for the versatile blogger award!