Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Series: A Little Something for Those Unexpected Guests Around the Holidays!

Let's be honest here, if you are hosting any parties or dinners this Holiday season, you know that there are going to be a few people that show up that you didn't account for! This isn't necessarily a negative thing, it could even be a boyfriend/girlfriend of a cousin or niece or nephew who you just didn't think of at the moment. Well, as a good host should, you should have a few of these ridiculously easy to create, gifts on hand for those "HI!, nice to meet you (oh my goodness I have nothing for them) moments".

What you will need:

*Festive Mug (I found mine at the dollar store, and they had tons of different varieties!)
*Candy Canes (plain peppermint full sized ones work best for this because you can swirl them in the hot cocoa and make it a peppermint hot cocoa :)
*Hot cocoa (I got the one without marshmallows in case you end up giving this to a non-marshmallow lover.)
*Mini Marshmallows
*Tissue paper (the same kind you use when wrapping gifts etc.)
*Ziploc Snack bags (make sure they are the ones with the Ziploc seal!)
*Optional but cute- Ribbon or a bow

Let's get started:

1. Wash out your mug thoroughly, maybe just because I am kind of a germ freak, but I think gifting a cleaned mug is always better, even if it is brand new haha

2. Place some tissue in the bottom of the mug as pictured above, this assures that the candy canes etc have enough room to peak out of the mug and look all "purrttty". :)

3. Grab two bags of hot cocoa and place them in the cup together and curved a little (you will see what I mean in the end picture) toward the back of the mug.

4. Place a handful or so of the mini marshmallows into your snack bag and be sure to squeeze out all air and seal tightly.  place this in front of the hot cocoa packets and tuck any of the visible Ziploc seals down, this just makes it look aesthetically better.

5. Take two of the candy canes and place them on opposite sides of the mug and face them outward :)

**An optional step would be to add some fancy ribbon tied around the mug, I didn't have any more ribbon on hand because I used it for my decor already so I just used a gift bow and it looks very pretty.
**You can also include a little note card that states how to make a peppermint hot cocoa (pretty much saying you can swirl the candy cane around when its hot and the candy cane will melt and make your hot cocoa nice and minty.

Final Product:

I made three of these because I refuse to be stuck feeling bad when someone unexpected shows up. I love to encourage people to come over because I honestly love hosting and making little things like this, it shows time and effort and who doesn't like hot cocoa?!

Hot Cocoa Box: $1.99
Marshmallow Bag: $1.00
Festive Mug: $1.00
Ziploc Bags $0.00---Already had these lying around!
Gift Bow: $1.00 for entire bag!
Candy Canes: $1.00

TOTAL: $5.99!! --and I made THREE!

I even had enough of everything to make at least three more! Now, that's what I like to call a bargain, quick delicious gift :)

Pouring myself some hot cocoa as we speak,


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