Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spicing Up Your Humble Abode For Fall!

Let me first state that I am no professional home decorator, I just know what I like when I see it, and those are the tips I am going to be sharing with you today :) Decorating your home doesn't have to be a huge task as many think. I think it is the word in itself that can be intimidating to those on a time constraint or those who just don't have confidence in the creative person inside of them, but fear not, making your home look "spiffy" is not rocket science, I promise!

Lets jump right in as I have so many pretty awesome things I want to show you guys.

1. Fall Floral Centerpieces--Displaying floral arrangements in areas where a lot of people gather (ex kitchen, living room, front foyer) can be an excellent way to add some pizazz to your home! You can use either silk flowers or fresh ones depending on the type of maintenance you are able to do. The good thing about the fresh flowers is that you get to enjoy the scent, but I think for lasting power it may be smarter to use the silks! A few examples of some flowers that can be included in your fall arrangement would be sunflowers, chrysanthemums, gerberas, roses, lilies etc.  Fall colors include shades of red/burgundy, oranges, yellows, greens, almost any color that can be found on the changing colors of the leaves on the trees :) 

** Choose a rustic looking vase for an optimal look, and don't be shy to add a plaid bow with some plaid ribbon that can be found at your local craft store, this really ties everything together. You will see that ribbons are something I mention a lot in this post because I really think its such a simple way to spruce things up! 

 2. Outdoor Decoration Florals: --Mums are a very popular Autumn floral that can be found outside many homes as decorative pieces.  They really add curb appeal if you ask me :) I love the vibrant colors they come in, and honest to goodness, they last forever! haha Something I like to do with these is change out the pot they come in (mine come in a cheap plastic pot with some cellophane wrapped around it), and place them in ceramic clay pots, pretty inexpensive but makes all the difference! Next I love buying many different patterns of ribbon from my local craft store, plaids, reds etc., and tying a bow around the pot with these.  It adds something so homey feeling to them and makes them look even more "handmade".  

*If you are really feeling nifty, you can also buy some pumpkin garland (pretty much garland but with mini pumpkins and leaves etc) and use this to decorate your pots as well, use your imagination and go crazy! 

Pumpkin Garland

3. Decorative Votives: --I don't know about my readers, but there is nothing I love more than feeling warm and cozy during those brisk Autumn nights.  What better than creating your own Fall votives?! This is something I am definitely going to be trying out this year. It's so simple and requires only what you want, oh and a candle of course :) 

*Some common things to include when making a decorative fall candle would be gourds, decorative apples/pumpkins, decorative leaves, Indian corn etc. What you want to do is place your candle on a dish a few inches larger than the diameter of the actual candle, preferable something appealing to the eyes :) Next overlay some of your decorative pieces around the candle on the dish. So Simple I tell you, yet looks so beautiful when you take your time with it.

4. Glitter Pumpkins! --Ok, I had you at glitter right?! haha Anything with glitter seems fun to me, and no this does not have to get super messy if you follow directions carefully, it's actually astonishingly simple but by far my favorite craft for the Fall ! No, I didn't come up with this idea myself, I have to give credit where it is due, and I shall. I actually came across this in a video on YouTube and thought oh my goodness, I HAVE to do this! She makes it look so fun! Below I am going to link the video so that once you gather the three things you need, you can watch and create :)

* If you choose to do this on real pumpkins, they should last a few weeks as we know the pumpkins will eventually go bad. However, if you choose to do this on decorative fake pumpkins, they can last very very long! You can do the entire pumpkin, like shown in the video below, or you can even just do the parts you would normally carve out to make funny faces in glitter for kid approved ones! :) 

5. Fall Flare Wreath--Wreaths are perhaps one of the staple items that stay around for 75% of the year throughout many of the holidays.  They are something that, with a change in colors and theme, can always decorate your door for something splendid.  In the Spring, we do a wreath made of Lavender and boy is it gorgeous, in the Fall, we do wicker handmade wreaths and in the Winter, we do the Balsam wreaths in typical Winter Fashion.  


Well that's it for this edition of my Fall rambles haha I really truly hope this blog post made some of you want to go out there and get your "creative on"! lol I love being inspired to make my home look nice during different seasons/holidays, so I thought I would pay it forward to you all. I am not the most crafty person so all of these things are for beginners trust me! Just think of how amazing your home will look, I bet you will have people asking you who you hired to do it ;)

Gourds, Indian Corn, Pumpkins and Glitter Galore! ,


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