Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shop and Tell!

Here is a list of the things I picked up during this run, pictured above:

First Stop in this "Shop and Tell"--Sephora/Target and MAC!

1. e.l.f Cream Eyeliner in Black from Target--I love this so far! It goes on smooth with my angled eyeliner brush and it has always lasted me all day and is super black! For only $3.00 you really can't go wrong. (comes in a few other colors as well)

2. MAC See Sheer Lipstick--I purchased this because it was the perfect sheer medium pink tone for the wedding I was in this past weekend. I was wearing a navy dress and didn't want something so pigmented and matte because I was doing a rather dramatic eye look. On the other side of that, I didn't want to do something that would be too washed out, needless to say this was the perfect choice! It is a great shade that can be layered for maximum pigmentation, but like the name says, it can also be that perfect "bitten" sheer medium pink tone as well :) I definitely recommend this as part of one of your staple lipstick shades from MAC.

3. MAC Painterly Paint Pot--I wanted to try something new and have always wanted to get more paint pots. I use this as an alternative to my Urban Decay Primer Potion. I love this because it is heavier and provides more even coverage on top of being an amazing primer.  I am totally loving this so far and look forward to purchasing most of the other shades as well.

4. Sephora Nano Eyeliners in Pearl Beige and Azure Blue--These little things (literally only a few inches) are great! I love the pigmentation and I really love all the shades they are available in!

5.DUO Lash Glue in the dark tone-- Special Occasions call for lashes! I picked this one up as an alternative to another one I had that was regular white--I love that it dries dark and it for sure held my lashes all night! :)

6. Makeup Forever Mat Velvet Foundation--I used this for the first time last weekend, literally the day after I purchased it. I was nervous, because I have never used a foundation at all before, but figured for a wedding where lots of pics are being taken, I should have something.  I love this foundation--although it is a thicker formula (so I hear in comparison to others) with a light hand, it can give you just the coverage you need. It also kept me matte for the majority of the night! Perfect shade as well. Definitely will use this again.

7.Urban Decay All Nighter Spray--I have heard of this a ton of times and was always meaning to pick it up. Sometimes when I go out for special occasions, I am out well into the evening and want my makeup to last me.  This worked without a doubt for me, 7 hours and my makeup didn't budge at all!

Next up, my final leg of the shopping voyage this week, Bath and Body Works.  I love when my house smells good, it just makes me happy honestly! haha I love the fall because of the wonderful colors and scents that come along with it.  Bath and Body Works is the perfect place to find all of the candles that capture the best scents of the Fall season and you are guaranteed to have a yummy smelling house!

1. 4 oz. Candles in:
       --Creamy Pumpkin
       --Kitchen Spice
       --Smores--MY Favorite of the bunch--oh my goodness, smells JUST like real smores!!
       --Mountain Leaves
       --Pumpkin Caramel Latte--Another Favorite, sweet pumpkin like something from Starbucks haha
       --Homemade Cookies (not pictured because I gave it  to my boyfriend's sister, she's quite the baker! lol)

2. Mini Candle in Marshmallow Fireside--this is a mini that I got free with a coupon but smells so good that I will be returning to purchase the big size asap!

3. Mini Anti-bacterial to-go in:
       --Chocolate Chew (not pictured because I gave this to my boyfriend's sister as well!)
       --Cranapple Crisp
       --Phantom Pumpkin
       --Bat Bite Apple
       --Creamy Pumpkin

4. Wall Flower in Japanese Cherry Blossom (I will insert a pic of it below as I hastily put it up in my bathroom) haha

Well that completes my Shop and Tell.  I hope you all like the setup--I took less space with the pics and did more explaining, because that is what this is about after all right?! :)

Cozy Autumn Smells and Blissful Beauty,


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  1. I looove Bath and Body Works candles for the Fall! I really need to head over there before the weather starts getting cooler to stock up :)

    <3 Melanie @