Saturday, May 11, 2013

Z-Palette Review and GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)

I purchased my very first Z-Palette at IMATS NYC two years ago. Since then, it has become a staple in my "packing makeup for travel" routine. There is something about the convenience and durability of it that makes my life that much easier.

What I love about the Z-Palette:
  • Comes in various sizes including newer revamped ones to include a palette for pro's (a larger size than the original large) and even one that will house our dome shaped mineral makeup products without crushing their little tops :) 
  • Affordability is key--you want to get something that you are going to get a ton of use out of and that ultimately will pay for itself right? These price range from $14-25 and trust me when I say, they have paid for themselves in the amount of product I was able to travel with and NOT have break...which brings me to my next point.
  • This palette is hard and durable promising to not only allow you to see through the lid for "quick look access" but also to protect your precious makeup from shattering during travel. It's like the shock proof case you put on your phone to make sure that should it get a little banged up, it won't affect the phone as much ;) The magnetic backing and easy label stickers make set up quick and easy!
  • Last but not least would be the main thing that I love about this, the ability to get rid of clunky large bulky packaging in some of the palettes (pictured below is my UD NYC palette) that you would love to travel with but just can't justify lugging it around. I was able to depot all of my shadows from this palette below and throw the packaging away and keep the good stuff! Now I am able to take the shadows that I love with me everywhere and as you can see a peek of, I have tons more room to fit another 20+shadows in there! 

To see more about how to depot and to check out all of the other Z-Palettes and shop, click here depot, shop .

  • To enter to win a small travel leopard Z-Palette (fits 9 MAC eye shadows), you must be a subscriber to my blog. Click "join this site" on the right :)
  • For an extra entry, tweet me that you would like to enter @AlyseaP 
  • Comment below telling me what your current cosmetic travel packing routine consists of. I always want to learn new ways to pack my makeup and tips and tricks for EASY travel. You could also tell me one staple palette you travel with if you don't have a travel routine down just yet :) 
  • This is open to everyone, INTERNATIONAL AND U.S.A.
  • This giveaway will remain open from today, 5/11 thru Sunday 5/26 (two weeks) Good Luck!

Z Palette - Small - Leopard


  1. I have a makep roll that I got from Avon years ago and I always travel with it. It is much like a jewelry roll but it has big compartments for makeup and brushes.

  2. I also have a large zpallette that I think is well worth the price..I keep my Makeup Geek singles in there and its so awesome to have everything u want in one place..nice blog here thru emilynoel83 tweet

  3. I used to be a Lancome Beauty Advisor graduated into a Lancome Freelance Artist. I sure do miss the days of alllll the free gratis make-up! This looks like the ULTIMATE way that I can preserve yet minimize my behemoth collection of half used and hard to find shades of colors that are lost in the same black tubes and cases they still come in today! Hope I Win This!

  4. I don't travel too often but when I do, I use a brush/make up roll from Mary Kay I can fit almost everything in it except my eyeshadow palette which is the Naked palette from Urban Decay, that is my go to palette and it has everything I need! I do have some MAC single eye shadows without a home so this would be great to have :)

  5. When I travel I actually use the Z Palettes! I found out about them a few years ago and like you, I can't go without them! I have two large palettes and I actually am about to buy a third one. I never thought about depotting my UD NYC eyeshadows! That is brilliant! I actually made a bag that is a little big larger than the large Z Palette and I put all of my makeup in that when I travel. It is perfect.

  6. Currently I depot most of my skincare/haircare products into smaller containers and stick them in a Sonia Kashuk bag like this:

    I usually just pack my UD Book of Shadows IV, the MUA Undressed Palette, and the Sonia Kashuk Eye on Neutral Palette. I just squeeze them in between clothes to protect them in my luggage. My essentials (setting powder, blush, concealer, eye primer, liners, mascara, eyelash curler, lip glosses) all fit in a Sonia Kashuk bag like this:

    And my brushes? Embarrassingly they are just stored in Ziplock bags at the moment. Which is why I've been getting really into makeup organization and the Z Palette now to streamline everything since my stash has grown a LOT so quickly!!!

  7. Ah, I wish we had an IMATS here in Canada! D: I've never tried this palette out, but would love to!

    Follow me on twitter?

    1. You do! :)