Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Mini-Vacation

The adventure seeker in me knew that I had to take advantage of an extended holiday weekend and go somewhere fun. Baltimore and Washington D.C. were the front runners for two reasons. Firstly, they are within driving distance and secondly, they are just fun places to be! Baltimore's inner harbor has amazing dining, shopping and sightseeing, same for D.C. the sightseeing here is endless and the weather around this time of year was just wonderful! Below are some of the photos of my weekend :)

  Washington D.C.
I really enjoyed my weekend for many reasons. One, I was with some people I love to pieces, two, I was able to take some really cool photos both at night and during the day and three, I got to visit some awesome places!

Here are some of my highlights: 

Visiting the Museum of Crime and Punishment in D.C. ---I highly recommend everyone visit this! It's so cool! 

Going on an evening photo adventure-- The White House, Capitol Building etc. are just as beautiful at night as they are during the day. The night time photo tour we did was breathtaking! 

The Inner Harbor in Baltimore-- our hotel was in the inner harbor and was waterfront. It was in such a central location to everything that it made discovering new restaurants and shops a breeze! I would highly recommend the Baltimore Marriot Inner Harbor Waterfront Hotel to anyone!  

The Brew at the Zoo Event at The Baltimore Zoo-- For someone who isn't a drinker, I must say I thought this event was so much fun. Various craft breweries set up tents and allowed you to sample a great selection of their beers. The rest of our group enjoyed a large selection of different beers while I ate enjoyed things like pretzel necklaces and the weird live band that screeched over the system haha definitely recommend this as well if there is a similar event in your area :) 

Goodness I love traveling, 


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