Saturday, March 17, 2012

Just an average Saturday in my life!

Today was the day that I was due to get my car serviced. I hate coming to things like this alone because I feel like you're fresh meat for all of the service men to stare at and if anyone knows me they would know that I feel super awkward in these types of situations haha I decided that since I am attempting a party later on with a good friend of mine, Lauren, I would pick her up to come along with me for this "lovely" experience! We are here now and just waiting....I hate the waiting game. They never know exactly how long it is going to take but hey at least I'm in good company right?! Haha we are sitting here plotting the next few places where we are going to get out "kicks". If you want to know more about what I mean then you MUST check out the "ShopKick" app. You pretty much get rewarded to shop. I'm obsessed with it at the moment :) ok that's all for now, I'll be updating a lot more hopefully now that I have access to blog pretty easily from my phone :)

Car services and getting my "kicks",


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