Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Cinco de Mayo/ Fight Night Menu

This Saturday, today, is a pretty huge food day for me :) Not only is it Cinco de Mayo, but it is also fight night for Mayweather and Cotto! This means this gathering will serve two purposes which means I must find a way to incorporate the two.

Here is how I did so:

I wanted to stick with appetizers so it was easy to just grab and go while watching the fight. I wanted to do appetizers with a Mexican theme to incorporate Cinco de Mayo ;) I chose to make two pretty popular dishes, guacamole and nachos. Who doesn't love a good guacamole dip and some super cheesy nachos?!

With the guacamole I made homemade tortilla chips. Much better (at least in my opinion) than the regular restaurant style fried salty chips. It's super easy too!

Here are some photos of my cooking journey this evening. Enjoy!

* if you would like the recipes for anything I made please let me know and I will forward them! :)


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  1. I made your empanadas and they were the best things ever! Do you have a great Nacho recipe?