Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What's In My Bag TAG

Hey guys, so I recently filmed a video with my sister doing the "What's in my Bag TAG" and I am going to link it below in case you all haven't gotten a chance to view it. It was really fun to do because I found some things in my purse that I didn't even know were there! haha My purse is huge so I often find myself losing things in there along the way, I refer to it as the "adult barney bag" haha

Here are the top things that, if I had to clear out my entire purse, I couldn't live without (or easily anyway haha):

1. Mase- as a female, I find, it is always good to be on alert for a predator. This may sound dramatic to some, but as a female who takes night classes, I find that having this on me always makes me feel a little more safe. It's on hand, should I ever be accosted and I feel good knowing that my dainty arms won't be the sole means of defense! haha I was gifted my pink one from a Police Store Owner, but I'm sure you can find some online or in a work shop/sports store?

2. Anti Bac/ Lotion- These are always great to have in a travel size. I work with children a.k.a. the place where Germs have a field day!, and I must whip out my little pocket-bac 4-5 times daily. It's a life saver for the kids and myself alike. The lotion is another thing that is super handy, although I will be having to switch the overly scented one I currently have in my purse out because of the fact that I have realized it induces unnecessary headaches. I wash my hands very often, again working with kids this is a MUST, and I find that dish soaps/bathroom soaps leave my hands dry and rough. Why worry though? I have my handy dandy travel lotion on me :)

3. Chap Stick/ Lip Stick/Lip Gloss--Who likes cracked lips right? Well you won't have to worry about getting those if you have a good (SPF preferably) chap stick in your handbag! Also, carrying one staple lipstick or lip gloss on you is a life saver. Some nights I find myself having dinner plans after work and I am in such a hurry I don't have time to stop home to freshen up my makeup. This is when my staple lipstick comes in handy. Throw on a fresh coat of "lip polish" and you look good as new :) I love this trick!

Hope you all enjoyed seeing what I lug around in my ridiculously ginormous bag everyday, I really do have to work on getting a smaller one, its become as if I am carrying a carry on luggage everywhere with this thing lol

I am working on doing some more videos to accompany my blog posts, I think they are more fun to view/read :) My apologies for not posting in over a month! (feels like longer)..I was on vacation and also just really busy recently. I am getting in the routine of things again though and have lots of fun videos/posts lined up! Let me know if there is anything that you would be interested reading/viewing.

To all the other women of the world who carry "adult barney bags",


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  1. I also have a HUGE bag and who knows whats even in it haha. I may do a What's In My Bag post sometime as well! :)