Monday, August 22, 2011

What Have I Been Up To??......VACATIONING! :) Take a look!

As my subscribers have maybe noticed, I have been missing from blogger for the past few weeks and then again before my last post I was missing again for a while. Well, let me say, it is definitely NOT because I hate blogging, as a matter of fact, I LOVE it! I have decided, however, to take a break now and then to concentrate on some fun things like vacationing with my family and boyfriend :) In the past 30 days I have been to Puerto Rico TWICE! The first time I went with my boyfriend and his family, the second time I went back to bring my sister for her first time, what an experience both of these trips were.

Although this is not a beauty related post, I do like to include a personal post here and there to not be so monotonous, after all I want you guys to get to know the person who's blog you're reading :) Below I am going to attach a few pics of my recent vacations. I will include where I got what I am wearing for certain occasions, whichever I can remember.  Hope you enjoy!

Top: Express

Top: Forever 21, Jeans: Banana Republic, Sneakers: Nike

Top: Pac Sun, Shorts: Forever 21, Watch: Michael Kors

I'm on the left wearing: shorts from Forever 21, top from Pac Sun, flip flops from Havaianas

Yes, there are a ton of horseback riding photos, what can I say, I love horseback riding! haha :)

Unfortunately my vacations are over and back to work I go :( Hope you are all enjoying the rest of the month!

Warm Tropical Hugs and Smiles,


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