Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pumpkin Picking Adventures at the Farm


Today wasn't just a typical Sunday, it was literally SUNDAY FUNDAY! :) A group of family and friends went to a farm to do our annual pumpkin picking adventure. Boy was it a blast--don't take my word for it, check out the photos below and I'm sure you be easily convinced :)

I love this photo, my nephew and brother are having a jolly ol' time navigating through the pumpkin patch searching for the perfect one! The scenery was breathtaking---a light fog sat atop the beautiful Fall foliage in the background. Ahhhhh...nature is beautiful.


Nephew having a "baby talk" chit chat with Baby R in front of the corn stalks---Love this!


Doing some farm maintenance in our John Deere! (I wish haha)


Brother and nephew also went for a ride in a monster truck!


This cow was more of a piggy--she must have eaten 30
 carrots in the time that we were there!

We ended our day with a walk through a corn maze! We actually did get lost with a large group of others--which made it even more fun :)

After Pumpkin Picking Comes........Pumpkin Recipes/Cooking =D


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