Saturday, October 19, 2013

A New Accessory On My Finger.....I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!

October 18, 2013 the Mr. took me to dinner to celebrate our anniversary (which was the night before). After a beautiful meal with NYC skyline backdrops, we walked along the waterfront and were approached by a Doo Wop Group. For those of you who know me, you know that I LOVE oldies music...almost as much as I love country music ;) This group, unbeknownst to myself, were set up to sing my favorite songs as my boyfriend proposed. The details are way more intricate, but I am still to excited to devote too much time to getting into those lol I said YES and my best friend and future sister in law popped out of the "bushes" (they were recording the whole thing!) and the rest is history...Thank you to everyone who made that evening possible..thank you to my friends and family who joined us afterward to celebrate such an exciting moment for us and most of all, thank you God for allowing me to meet my soul mate. Enjoy some of the photos of the evening below =D xox

Obviously I was excited to say YES! lol

Silly ;)


We are the King and Queen in this chess game called life ;)

Future Mother in Law and my Grandmama<3

Two of my best friends--yep we are all a bit excited =D

And I thought I loved you then,


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