Thursday, March 28, 2013


I love doing TAG posts, they're so casual and fun to write up :) In search for a new one, I came across the IMATS TAG and thought, hello what a great idea since I will be attending IMATS NYC next weekend!

I must give credit where credit is due, I found this post originally on Beauty with the Beautifool :)

1. Which IMATS are you attending?
I am attending IMATS NYC in April!

2. Have you ever been to IMATS before?
Yes, this will be my 3rd time :)

3. How are you getting there?
I will be driving into the city, I don't like relying on mass transit if I don't absolutely have to :)

4. Are you bringing anyone along?
Yes! One of my best friends, also my brother's girlfriend is coming :)

5. Is there anything else in the IMATS host city that you want to see?
I live super close to NYC so there aren't many landmark places that I haven't explored throughout the years. On the other hand, there are a ton of eateries that I have yet to try so that may be something fun to do after the show :)

6. What days will you be in the city that IMATS is in? Just the day that I am attending IMATS, Saturday April 6th

7. Who do you want to meet?
I would love to meet any of my readers/blogger friends! It is so much fun to put a real face behind your twitter avatar/google icon haha

8. What companies exhibits are you most excited to see?
Unfortunately, New York IMATS doesn't get even half of the vendors that other cities do :( I hope we are looking to fix and expand sooner than later because it can be so frustrating! Of the select few that are attending, I am looking forward to Give Good Face, Inglot, Eve Pearl, Jessie's Girl Cosmetics, OCC, Royal & Langnickel and Stila---although I will probably stop at every booth for sure :)

9. What products are you looking for?
I am not going with a list persay, I don't really need anything, but some of the things I will probably pick up are
  • A new Freedom Palette from Inglot as well as some of their nail colors that I hear are wonderful!
  • Some more polishes from the Julie G nail line at Jessie's Girl Cosmetics
  • Eve Pearl Concealers and maybe something from Graftobian
  • Some new backup makeup brushes maybe?? I always get sucked in! lol
10. How much do you plan to spend?
See the thing with makeup budgets is that the previous years that I've set one, if I don't spend that much I feel like I have to (hello its a makeup wonderland! lol) This year I am not going with a budget but definitely UNDER $200. Hopefully WAY under haha

11. What do you want to get out of IMATS?
I am really going for the overall experience. I like to see what new products companies may be offering and to just be around so many others who share a similar interest in the beauty world. It is so fun to meet people and hey you may learn something at one of the demonstrations that the various booths offer! 

I tag all of you reading this, if you do this Tag, be sure to link me ;) Also, if you are reading this and attending IMATS NYC next week, comment below, I love to see everyone who is going :)



  1. Thanks for posting this! I'll be at IMATS too next week! I'm going to do this Tag tonight and I'll be sure to link to your blog. Hope to meet you while I'm there!

    1. Just read your post! Hope to meet you as well :) Love your blog <3

  2. Awesome tag! Have fun at IMATS next week =)

  3. Hello Alysea. I nominated you for the Liebster award. When you do it send me a link in the comments, so I can read your answers. You can find more about the tag here: