Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Daily Smoothie!

I've been drinking these smoothies for a while now. They've helped me gain energy and really boost my normally terrible immune system. There isn't anything crazy in them, just some good greens and a few berries and a banana. I'll explain the benefits of all of those below. Sometimes I add more or less of one of these things because I don't measure for precision but the ingredients are always the same for the most part.

Alysea's Green Smoothie:

Kale- the benefits of green veggies are endless but being specific to kale, its benefits are : protects our cells from free radicals via antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, provides glucosinolates which have been shown to prevent colon, breast and many other cancers, high in fiber for the regulation of your digestion system, lowers cholesterol, high in Vitamin K to strengthen our bones, boosts immunity and lower blood pressure.

Spinach- aids in digestion, maintains low blood sugar, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, lowers blood pressure, protects the eyes from cataracts, strengthens bones, healthy skin, healthy nervous system and brain function.

Banana- keeps digestion regular, low blood sugar, lowers blood pressure, retention of calcium, breaks down bacteria in the stomach that causes ulcers, lessens your chance at getting kidney cancer, ensures the production of enough white blood cells to fight off infection in the body.

Berries- packed with antioxidants, lower blood pressure, decrease bladder infections, high in fiber, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties, great source of Vitamin C, and reduce dental plaque.

I also add two tablespoons of ground flax seed to my smoothies when I have it on hand because flax is a miracle worker for the body all on its own! I even eat it in my oatmeal :)

For someone who finds herself not always able to sit down and have a bowl of fruit or a side of vegetables, this is the quick and easy and DELICIOUS way might I add, to get the vitamins my body needs. It's the perfect pick me up to start the day.

You can even as celery, even broccoli or cucumber and lemon or an apple etc. the concoctions are endless, this is just one of my favorite blends :)

Fear not, adding a very ripe banana (with brown spots is the best!) is an excellent way to naturally cut the bite of the vegetable flavor. Kale and spinach, however, are much milder in flavor than say celery.

Here are some photos:

photo 1


photo 3


Drinking to a healthier you,



  1. I so need to try this lol I quit trying to go raw foods lol

  2. Frozen cherries are delish in it as well....