Thursday, January 17, 2013

2013 Spring Fashion Trends

As Spring season approaches I think of two things: fashion and flowers! Gosh I can't wait for the Spring.  On the east coast of the US where I live, it is frigid and it even snowed two days ago! I cannot wait for the weather to be in the upper 60's and 70's so that I can stop bundling up and start layering in a cuter way :)

I don't recall if I did this post last Spring but I did for 2011 and it still, to this day, is my most read post ever! I guess you guys like fashion ;)

Here are the predicted fashion trends for Spring 2013. I put together some sets that showed how to wear some of these trends in a more wearable way. Enjoy!






I am really loving the lace trend--I think it is just so whimsical and feminine.  I like lace all year round! As far as the Bermuda shorts trend, I actually prefer between this length of shorts and maybe an inch higher anyway.  Call me conservative but I think it looks more polished and put together than a "short short".

Some of the other trends I came across on the runway reports that I read were:
  1. Eastern world inspired Asian patterns
  2. White and lots of it
  3. 60's silhouettes (my FAVORITE trend duh ;)
  4. Patchwork and animal print
  5. Short suits
What are some of your favorite trends for the Spring 2013?

Fashionably yours,


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  1. Nice pieces! I am loving the stripes and ruffles trend. I can't wait for Spring either =)