Monday, August 27, 2012

August Vacation Round Up!: Puerto Rico/Glamping

Who doesn't love a vacation?! Planning vacations are bittersweet for me--bitter because I can never choose where to go and sometimes planning around work etc. is so hard to do, and sweet because I love the fact that it offers me a break from my every day life! This summer I didn't do much aside from some day trips with the kids from work.  I left everything until August (which is also my birthday month if you didn't see my previous post about my birthday wishes) and I am glad I did because it allowed me to close out this Summer with a bang! :)

I planned two pretty opposite types of vacations: 1. to a tropical island with white sand beaches and crystal blue waters and palm trees and 2. Glamorous Camping otherwise known as Glamping haha

Here is a glimpse into how those went:

Camping Weekend

P8100944 new
Camping this summer with my best friend was by far one of the most fun times I have EVER had--and that says A LOT considering I am always doing fun adventurous things like this! It was just the two of us so we really found ourselves dying of laughter as we attempted to light a campfire for the first time and as we got harassed by insects with antennae twice their body size! haha I captured a lot of video to make sure we would be able to relive our silliness whenever we wanted.  I considered this glamping because we had a glamorous croissant and fresh fruit breakfast as well as watched movies at night on the iPad as we sat in the wilderness hahah who does that?! :)

My best friend Cristina, mentioned and shown above camping with me, has an amazing tumblr page filled with the kinds of photos we all wish we could capture when we see something awesome haha--it is quite intriguing I must say ;) Check it out!

Puerto Rico

My boyfriend has so many photos with his eyes closed---I don't get it! lol ugh
photo 5
I visit Puerto Rico at least once a year being that my boyfriend and I have family there. This year I brought my friend Lauren and because it was her first time, I wanted to make sure she had a very memorable time! We had SO much fun! Puerto Rico is a great place to relax and just enjoy yourself, there is so much to do-the possibilities are endless :)

There you have it, my Summer travels in a nutshell. There are a bagillion other photos and videos but there are just way too many to share all of them here.

What did you do this summer?

If you have questions on anything that I am wearing here, hang in there, I will be doing a post on all of the OOTD's from these vacations coming up soon!

Fall is almost here,



  1. glamping! I love it! haha Those smores look delicious and now I really want one =p