Monday, September 23, 2013

Apple Picking Adventures!

Apples are in season!!! You know what that means, Fall is officially here and pies need to be made haha I love apple pie, it is probably my favorite pie but here is the kicker, I don't like apple sauce, apple juice or even apples alone very much. Apple pie is just special I guess :) I have gone apple picking many times before but never thought to post about it. I love reading posts like this because it can get one in the mood to branch out and do something fun that they perhaps haven't done before. I highly recommend looking up where your local "pick your own" farms are--they can be visited all year long for different crops. We go pumpkin picking and also cut down our own Christmas Tree every year as well :)

Here is a site that you can use to locate these PYO farms near you:








I cant wait for pumpkin picking--I will post on that too, as well as some more of my delicious pumpkin recipes!


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  1. I am blessed to have such an amazing daughter you make me smile with every post i love u peanut <3 love mama