Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Birthday Weekend Festivities: Concert, Dinner, Gifts and More!

For those of you who didn't already gather from my various photo posts on twitter and Instagram over the weekend, I am indeed, now, a 26 year old gal :) I must admit 26 feels way better than 25, odd as that may sound. 26 came with more ease and feels overall more fun, dare I say :) Below are some photos, most of which I also posted somewhere on one of my social media sites, of how my weekend went, enjoy :)

The day before my actual birthday I had one of my very good friends, my job and my boyfriend all surprise me with some awesome things :)
The actual night of my birthday I invited a group of my closest family and friends to a restaurant that I like for dinner. You can never go wrong with Mexican food right? Sombrero and all, I laughed the night away. I even had a shot, something that I haven't done in YEARS (you guys remember I don't drink right?)
Cake and a game night followed dinner and it was honestly the perfect ending. I am such a simple woman when it comes to things like this. I almost always have a game night on my birthday because board games are something I really, REALLY enjoy! Taboo games are always interesting with my crew and things can get a little crazy, I love it! :) As tradition follows, my pup helped me blow out my candles, love love love her :) Aren't my best friends beauties?!
The next day, my friend took me to see OneRepublic live as her birthday gift to me. I LOVE OneRepublic and this was honestly a highlight of my summer. They were AMAZING live, so much so that as awesome as they sound on their records, that doesn't even do them justice! I would definitely go see them again without a doubt.
I ended my birthday weekend with a picnic at the park with my pup and the mister. What a perfect way to wind down--the weather, food and company were bliss :) 

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as I did mine :) 

Candles, Cake, Friends and Being 26, 


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