Friday, April 12, 2013

A Very Peplum Weekend: OOTD's, IMATS & Birthday Parties!

La Caverna NYC
This past weekend was such a whirlwind for me. I did so many exciting things!

Friday: After work I shot home to get ready for my best friends birthday celebration in the city. She chose a really interesting fun venue that literally made you feel like you were in a cave, enjoying a drink, with a hookah and a DJ hahah It was unlike any other place I have ever been and I truly had a blast. Not only were the walls and ceilings made to resemble crystallized rock formations that you would actually find in a cave, but the place was underground therefore giving it a really cozy feel.

My best friend, the birthday girl and I :)
new one
You guys didn't think I would have a photo with my boyfriend with his eyes fully open did you? lol ughhh!!

Here is my OOTD for the Birthday Celebration:

  • Shoes: Nine West
  • Leather Panel Leggings: Zara
  • White cap sleeve peplum top: Forever 21
  • Blazer: H&M
  • Purse: Juicy Couture
Saturday: After getting home rather late from the night out in the city, I woke up at 7am to prep for IMATS NYC! I had been looking forward to this day since last years IMATS. I love getting to see everyone and buying all the goodies :) I had such an amazing time there. I actually didn't buy much, two things for a future giveaway and a set of makeup brushes and some nail polish. I was going to vlog but couldn't get accustomed to talking to a camera in public haha maybe one day soon I'll suck it up and do it ;)

IMATS OOTD and Photos:

  • F21 Necklace
  • Express Red Peplum Shirt
  • Express Black blazer
  • MK Rosegold watch
  • Express leggings (visible in other photos)
  • Not pictured are my shoes: Tory Burch Reva Flats in Black
  • Purse: Juicy Couture
@makeupbydenise and myself :)
I had to leave IMATS early to do some car shopping--if only dealerships were open on Sundays! Anywho, it all paid off because I bought a new car! 2013 Black Nissan Altima SL, she is a beauty for sure---still trying to come up with the perfect name for her---yes I am one of those haha Any suggestions?

Did any of you go to IMATS NYC? If so how did you like it and what did you get?!

A very peplum weekend,


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  1. I name my cars too! I'm thinking it's time for a new one soon I've had Lola for 7 years now (Mits.eclipse, 2 door) and I want something a little bigger!
    I love Emily! her outfit looks kinda like your Friday